Virtual Solution for Environmental Issues

Street furniture and public lighting plan for Hsinchu

Cheng Yuan Lin, Yuan Zone Lee, Kuo Chien Shen,
Yen Jen Chen, Sheng Kai Tang, Yu Tung Liu
Graduate School of Architecture, NCTU


In the past of Hsinchu, the management of urban planning and historical reservation was not effective, so that the urban lost its activity and potential. That is why this project is set, and two solutions which are urban renew and preservation of historical culture are proposed. In order to achieve these goals, we try to focus on two subjects: First, the renewal of historical building and street furniture in the city. Second, the lighting design of historical buildings and main streets. We use computer simulation technologies, which includes modeling in Form Z enviornment, texuring and rendering in Light Wave, and animating in 3D Max, to assist plan, design and communication.
(The animation below is mainly made by Yuan Zone Lee as part of the project result)