Virtual Hsinchiu

The scenario scripting animation for the historical area of Hsinchiu

Cheng Yuan Lin, Yu Tung Liu, Hui Lin Lee, Ying Shu Huang
Yu Chen Chiu, Sheng Kai Tang, SASADA LAB
Graduate School of Architecture, NCTU


In the past, computer simulation is used in architecture field as the presentation of architects, but most common people always indicate that they don’t understand the purpose of architects showed in the pictures or animations without explanation. An issue is propose here that how can we conduct more readable computer simulations. This project attempts to apply the up-dated computer simulation techniques, called scenario scripting, into the historical area of Hsinchu and the 18-peak mountain regional park. We not only combine roles with the design strategies during the design phase, but also represent the images of roles in the computer simulation. The assumption that people will be well located by seeing the image of the roles in the simulations finally proved by the experiment. During this project, we also creat a huge digital archieve of a whole city effectively.