Virtual ChiChi Station

A Virtual Construction Process Assisting the Restoration of Historical Building

Sheng Kai Tang, Yu Tung Liu, Yang Cheng Fan,
Chih Hsien Chang, Yu Chen Chiu
Graduate School of Architecture, NCTU


The Chi-Chi station is a very important historical antique in Taiwan that was heavily destroyed by the 921 earthquakes in 1999. In order to recover this important transportation node within a very short period of time, we adopt computer simulation techniques to assist from the late-design (3D-shop drawings) phase to the actual construction stage. During the process, we propose two research issues to discover: 1) How to represent the knowledge of reconstruction of the main craftsman by means of sequential animations? 2) How do these sequential animations actually work as an assistive media during the process? The objective of this research is to propose an effective process of retrieving sequential knowledge. Eventually, we find out that the computation enhanced construction process is definitely much more effective and efficient comparing to those of conventional design and construction tools.


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