A Development of Multi Modal Communication Devices

Sheng Kai Tang
COmputational DEsign Lab, CMU


In our daily life, there are many subtle actions which can deliver our emotions in very unique ways especially those between acquaintances. From a glance, one can perceive not only the other’s existence but demands and feelings. Via a smile and a blink, one can deliver good intentions and concerns to the other. Even though there is no verbal or physical communication further needed, the communications still happen. These are what we defined as indirect emotional communications. However, when two people are not in the same space, these kinds of communications seem not to happen. TeleEGGs is a pair of devices we developed to solve this problem. In the other word, this device can assist long distance indirect emotional communication.


Tang, S.K.: 2006, TeleEGGs: A Development of Multi Modal Communivation Devices, Final Document for “Physical Computing” offered by Prof. Pamela Jennings.