Tangible User Interface For Modelling

Wen Yan Tang, Sheng Kai Tang
Kun Shan University of Technology


Recently, more and more researchers dedicated in the development of human computer interaction for CAD systems, such as gestural input of three dimensional coordinates, flexible manipulation of NURBS objects, and the creation of force feedback. These research results indicated that the more intuitive control the device can provide in modeling process, the more creative solutions can be generated. Based on what mention above, the problems of this research are that what kind of interactions with computer is necessary for designer while modeling? How to develop an intuitive modeling interface that fulfills the criteria generated by previous question? The objective of this research is to develop a tactile modeling interface by which designer could create three dimensional models as freely as playing with clay.


Tang, W.Y. and Tang, S.K.: 2006, A development of tactile modeling interface, In Proceedings of The Eleventh Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia 2006. Conference Poster Link.