Storytelling Cubes

A Tangible User Interface For Children

Sheng Kai Tang, Ellen Do, Mark D. Gross
COmputational DEsign Lab, CMU


Storytelling Cubes, unlike other open ended storytelling systems giving children unlimited capacity of extension to create unlimited stories, enable children to discover as many as possible combinations by means of providing a limited set of cubes where elements and underlying structures of stories are embedded. Storytelling Cubes also enhance children’s learning experiences by a set of wireless tangible devices connecting to an animated graphical system. By playing with Storytelling Cubes, we tend to enable children to observe the relations, similarities and differences between elements, stories and ideas. Furthermore, children are anticipated to create their own idea from those learned story structures or elements. It is not only a way for children to perceive ideas but also training for them to cultivate their creativity.


Tang, S.K., Do, E. and Gross, M.D.: 2005, Storytelling Cubes: A Tangible Interface for Playing a Story, A poster for HCII 12th Anniversary Celebration.