Due to Vincent (Prof. Yun Shang Chiou)’s arrangement, I joined a small talk in Prof. Shen Guan Shih’s course given by Prof. Michael Fox. Prof. Fox is a pioneer in the field of Interactive Architecture. He not only founded the Kinetic Design Group in MIT but also accomplished many interesting and classic projects by his Fox Lin Inc. Currently, he is a professor in Cal Poly Pomona and founds the Robotecture which is a term consolidates his thoughts of interactive architecture. I am so happy to have the opportunity to present my two projects (Florabot and Tangible Pixels (Pixelbot)) to him in person. (Note: Before Prof. Fox proposing the idea of Robotecture, Prof. Mark Gross of CMU and Prof. Ellen Do of Georgia Tech also defined a research field named Architectural Robotics which dedicated in turning spaces/buildings in to interactive robots. They published many research papers and kept offering related courses.)

經由學長Vincent(邱韻祥教授)安排,今天參與了Prof. Michael Fox在台科大施宣光教授的課堂上的小演講。Fox教授是互動建築領域的先驅,不僅於麻省理工學院創立了Kinetic Deisgn Group,Fox Lin Inc. 更是完成了多個有趣且經典的專案。目前他是Cal Poly, Pomona的教授,並將自己的互動建築的領域定義成Robotecture. 比較開心的是當面給他看了Florabot以及Tangible Pixel(Pixelbot)等兩個案子。(註:早在Michael Fox教授提出Robotecture前, Pro. Mark Gross of CMU與Prof. Ellen Do of Georgia Tech即定義了Architectural Robotics這個領域,致力於建築空間機器人化,並有許多的發表與課程。