2014-now  Staff Interaction Engineer, Samsung Research America, USA
  • Envision interaction design and technology trends for visual display and audio product via HCI methodologies.
  • Invent innovative interaction modalities for visual display and audio product by adopting new enabling technologies.
  • Rapid design and implement prototypes for proof of concept and user test purposes.
2012-2014  Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab, USA
  • Proposed novel ideas and techniques of tangible UI and implemented Proof-of-Concept prototypes.
  • Conducted research papers and notes to submit to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) conferences, e.g. CHI, UIST and TEI.
  • Selected projects: synchroLight, V-Pointer, Pinball, Tangible CityScape, g-Search and inSide.
2011-2012  Founder, Adaptive Artifact, Taiwan
  • Discovered ideas and techniques to develop artifacts with adaptive abilities.
  • Offered User Experience (UX) consultancy services for both public research institutes and private brand companies, e.g. Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Institute for Information Industry (III) and ASUS Computer in Taiwan.
  • Selected projects: Elder e-Reader, mindSet, and Tangible Pixels.
2008-2011  User Experience Specialist, ASUS Design Center, Taiwan
  • Generated concepts and prototypes leading to innovative product experience, e.g. contributed to the idea of “Waveface” which evolved to the popular “Transformer Series”.
  • Conducted qualitative user experience evaluations at different stages of product development.
  • Guided design strategies for the major international exhibitions of consumer electronic products, e.g. CES, Cebit and Computex.
  • Selected projects: Waveface, Seamless Mobility, Adaptive Mouse, and Florabot.
2005-2008  Research Assistant, CMU CODE Lab, USA
  • Generated research ideas and implementations under the themes of Computational Design and Human Computer Interaction.
  • Selected projects: teleEggs, Hemisphere, Touch Free Door.
2002-2003  Associate Project Lead, Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA
  • Conducted concepts, digital visualization and final film editing for the project “San Diego Visualization” which won the second place at the International Competition for Sustainable Urban Systems Design (IC-SUSD) in Tokyo in June 2003.
1999-2002  Project Lead, NCTU Graduate Institute of Architecture, Taiwan
1994-1999  Interior Design Intern, YJ Interior Design, Taiwan