Seamless Mobility

Realizing “Interface Everywhere” by Object Recognition and Micro-Projection Technologies

Sheng Kai Tang, Patrick Chui, Hunter Luo and Parks Tzeng
User Experience Design, ASUS


How to bring the conventional Graphical User Interface from the screen to the space is a popular research topic since a decade ago. Most approaches actually focus on discovering and improving related technologies of Augmented Reality. In detail, researchers develop high quality sensing and recognition technologies, and even turn them into toolkits for public use. These foregoing bases are actually good for designers, especially in the consumer product industry, to rethink and generate diverse applications. Hence, we adopt the Tangible Interface concept proposed by Professor Hiroshi Ishii and the ReactiVision toolkits to demonstrate the idea of a Seamless Interface of consumer products of the future. In our preliminary working presentation shown in COMPUTEX 2009, users can intuitively perceive and manipulate both tangible and graphical interfaces at the same time. Both physical and virtual information are highly integrated as well.