Calligraphic Brush

An Intuitive Tangible User Interface for Interactive Algorithmic Design

Sheng Kai Tang
User Experience Design, ASUS


The development of better User Interface (UI) and Tangible User Interface (TUI) for 3D modeling has lasted for decades. With the popularity of free form style achieved by algorithmic methods, the existing solutions of UI/TUI for CAD are gradually insufficient. Neglecting the steep learning curve of algorithmic design requiring solid background of mathematics and programming, the common drawback is the lack of interactivity. All actions rely heavily on mental translations and experimental trial and error. In this research, we try to realize the idea of interactive algorithmic design by developing a tangible calligraphic brush, with this device designer can intuitively adopt algorithmic methodology to achieve highly creative results.


Tang, S.K. and Tang, W. Y.: 2009, Calligraphic Brush: An Intuitive Tangible User Interface for Interactive Algorithmic DesignIn Proceedings of The Fourteenth Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia 2009.
<Best Paper Award in CAADRIA 2009>