Three-Dimensional Pointing System for Remote Video Communication

Jifei Ou, Sheng Kai Tang, Hiroshi Ishii
Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab


Although the image quality and transmission speed of current remote video communication systems have vastly improved in recent years, its interactions still remain detached from the physical world. This causes frustration and lowers working efficiency, especially when both sides are referencing physical objects and space. In this paper, we propose a remote pointing system named synchroLight that allows users to point at remote physical objects with synthetic light. The system extends the interaction of the existing remote pointing systems from two-dimensional surfaces to three-dimensional space. The goal of this project is to approach a seamless experience in video communication.


Ou, J., Tang, S.K., Ishii, H.: 2013, SynchroLight: Three-Dimensional Pointing System for Remote Video Communication, In Proceedings of CHI 2013 Extended Abstract, 169-174.