Storytelling Cubes V2

Developing active cubes representing underlying structure

Sheng Kai Tang, Mark D Gross
Computational Design Program, CMU
Ellen Yi-Luen Do
ACME Lab, Georgia Tech


Storytelling is a very critical activity for children, either as a listener or a teller, in terms of development of narrative skills and realization of the world. Generally, by 3 years old, children are gradually skilled at labeling items and further realizing relations among them. These skills are rudiments for advanced storytelling activity later. Proper assistance and guidance including story books and caregivers are required for the precedent achievements.

For the goal of this research, we seek to provide a computationally enhanced tool to assist storytelling behavior. Specifically, we aim at assisting children’s behaviors of labeling and correlating before 3 years old which are critical abilities and moment for their future development. We develop a set of tangible cubes, named Storytelling Cubes (SC), which can physically represent underlying structure of story characters, actively monitor children’s behaviors/choices, continuously evaluate their progresses and dynamically modify based on their progress. SC is both an assistant tool for storytelling and an experimental instrument for studying children’s learning behavior.