Sneak Peeking Bars

Detecting Eye Position to Control the Presence of Side Bars

Sheng Kai Tang
User Experience Design, ASUS


The control sidebar is essential for window-based application. Most of them have auto-hide mechanism to spare more window space for users. Users can bring out a sidebar at will by moving the mouse cursor to the edge where the bar is hidden. In this project, we propose a new way of bringing out sidebars; we called it “sneak peeking sidebars”. First of all, we put all sneak peeking sidebars outside the frame of the window, which means users can’t see them while looking at the window straightly. However, when users move their head a bit to peek at edges of a window, and they will easily see sidebars hidden outside the window. The sneak peeking mechanism is actually based on the idea of “dynamic perspective” widely adopted in the interactive computer graphic to create real 3D scene. The dynamic perspective technique is to actively detect the eye position of the user based on which the perspective scene is generated dynamically.