San Diego Visualization

CDI was selected to develop a visualization (animation) of a house and community resource center as part of the San Diego region 100-year sustainable plan. This visualization was compiled with other animations from the team and presented at the International Competition for Sustainable Urban Systems Design (IC-SUSD) conference in Tokyo in June 2003. In this project, I participated in all parts of it including concept generation, digital visualization and final film editing.

Overlapped Spaces

Do you ever suddenly conscious that why is your physical body alsways static every time when your virtual bodies are running with friends in cyberspace? Is it possible to navigate several spaces at the same time? In this project, we are going to realize this idea. There are three key issues to be discussed. First, how the movements of bodies in physical and virtual worlds are synchronized. Second, how your perceptions of spaces are changed under the synchronized movements. Third, how people connect to each other under this situation.