Proximity Sensor Based Gesture Recognition For Social Robot Interaction

Sheng Kai Tang
Computational Design Program, CMU


Robot control is a popular issue in robotics field. More and more researchers dedicate in developing easy and intuitive solutions for robot programming and control. The most popular approach is to recognize human’s gestures through computer vision applications. However, these computer vision based recognitions are limited by camera. In other words, the user should face a camera and keep in a specific distance in order for the computer vision application to capture clear images. Our idea is to provide user a mobil device which can also recognize user’s gesture command. Through this device, user can freely move in a space and give commands to a robot at the same time.


Tang, S.K.: 2007, Hemisphere: An Intuitive Tangible User Interface for Controlling Domestic Robot, Final Report for “Computational Beauty of Nature” offered by Prof. Ramesh Krishnamurti.