Tangible Surface V1

We are very happy that Actuating Geometry in Design Workshop has finished successfully!! In order to demonstrate the concept and signal transformation from physical simulation in Grasshopper to geometry calculation in Processing to physical actuation via Arduino, TsungHsien, Shih Yuan and I had a pre-workshop a week before the actual workshop and built the Tangible Surface example!

Dynamic tangible surface is not a brand new concept and many projects have already been built, such as Hyposurface of Decoi, Recompose of Hiroshi Ishii and my Tangible Pixels. These projects all use single axis mechanism to create free surface movements. However, if you observe these projects from top view in detail, their surface grid is actually fixed and surface area is unchanged. In other words, these so called dynamic surfaces are fake and limited. So, Tangible Surface try to break the limitation to create real dynamic surface by implementing a three axises actuation mechanism. With this mechanism, the Tangible Surface could be deformed to simulate any mathematical surface with physical characteristics.


創造動態的實體表面的概念已經不是新鮮事,如早期的Decoi的Hyposurface到Hiroshi Ishii的Recompose,以及我自己的Tangible Pixels。但這些案子都僅是透過單軸的上下運動來產生看似自由的表面,然而這樣的表面基本上從上視來看,其格點都是固定不動的,整體的範圍也是固定的,換句話說,這樣的動態是假的有侷限的。因此,Tangible Surface試圖的創造出能三軸運動的機構,進而來產生真的能自由扭曲的據物理特性的數學網面,企圖為動態表面致動做一點突破性的嘗試。

Actuating Geometry Workshop

Actuating Geometry Workshop

“Actuating Geometry in Design” workshop will be held in 2012/02/11(Sat.) and 2012/02/12(Sun.) in Taipei (might borrow classroom of TKU). This workshop is organized and will be leaded by Tsung-Hsien Wang, Shih-Yuan Wang and Sheng Kai Tang. Through this workshop, participants will realize and be familiar with updated concepts and skills of computational design tools, which are Grasshopper, Processing and Arduino, and will try to discover and establish this potential design and research field.

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