Digital Castle in the Air– Virtual/ Real Coexistence

A Discovery of Free Form Design and Construction

Yuan Zone Lee, Sheng Kai Tang, Yu Tung Liu
Graduate School of Architecture, NCTU


Architectures with organic surfaces or with sculptural forms are defined as Free Form in our lab. The use of computer is not the sole reason of this definition but is the new way to make the design and construction of it more and more easy and quickly. In order to discover the digital processes of constructing Free Form Architecture, Pro. Liu set up the research project supported by the Far Eastern Group. The first of our research result has been published in A+U 383, and this is the second time we dedicated in this issue. Not only the CAD-CAM technology, which was used in the first experiment, but also the membrane technology is used this time. The result of the experiment is used as an exhibition place of FEIDAD Awards.