Co-Music Room

A Computational Enhanced Space For Children

Sheng Kai Tang, Tsung Hsien Wang, Yu Chang Hu
COmputational DEsign Lab, CMU


Co-Music room is a music space designed for children to explore the music through collaborating with each other. The original idea is to allow children to play the music and experience the corporations though the process. This space, an 8×8 cube, consists of two fundamental components that are circular tile sensors on the floor and ball-shape sensors hanging on the ceiling. Both these two parts are utilized to activate the sound in this space, including music pitches and short tunes. Basically, each circular tile sensor in this demonstration is set up for one single music pitch and we have 7 different dimensional tile sensors in this stage. The other five ceiling ball sensors are regarded as the switches for background music tunes.


Tang, S.K., Wang, T.H. and Hu, Y.C.: 2006, Co-Music Room, Final Document for “Architectural Robotics” offered by Prof. Mark D. Gross.