Adaptive Mouse

Toward a discovery of formal and functional adaptabilities

Sheng Kai Tang
User Experience Design, ASUS
Computational Design Program, CMU


Adaptive Mouse (AM) consists of a smart material which is deformable and is capable of recognizing the deformation. The deformation provides perfect and comfortable ergonomic shape for users’ diverse hand gestures. The smart material itself could also dynamically activate any areas at will for conventional buttons and scroll wheel. The prediction of active areas is based on the recognition results of users’ hand gestures. Working with AM, all users have to do is to hold it with his/her comfortable and preferred hand gestures, then acting their fore and middle fingers intuitively will always correctly trigger related button functions. Users can also freely move the mouse and always get cursor feedbacks accurately.


Tang, S.K. and Tang, W. Y.: 2010, Adaptive Mouse: A Computer Mouse Achieving Form-Function Synchronization. In Proceeding of CHI 2010, p2785-2792.