2050 Vision Taiwan

An Exploration of Image Processing based Animation

Sheng Kai Tang, Maffee Wan, Yu Tung Liu, Chor Kheng Lim,
Chien Hung Shih, Shih Ming Lu, Kuang Yuan Tsui
Graduate School of Architecture, NCTU


In this research we give up the traditional ways of simulation but use a new technology, which is commonly used in entertainment industry, called “Camera Matching”. Using camera matching can shorten the time and reduce the efforts of producing simulations. Further more, collaborative Design through digital media environment, such as VR Cave and Internet, is the other ways we explored during the research project. Using VR Cave with Internet connection can make the discussion more effective. The results of the technology are highly proved by professions. In these simulations, we not only show the concept of Digital Art City, but also push it as public policies.